Choosing Dog Car Seat Covers

It is worth investing in a cover for even the occasional trip as some dogs are car sick. There is so many dog car covers on the market it is easy to buy the wrong one and waste your money and patience with the unsuitable cover.

Things to consider when buying a cover

Do you want permanent covers or removable covers?

It depends how often you will need to use them. Car seat covers that are designed to look like car seat fabric usually require quite a bit of adjusting looking right and will need fixing in place. These are ideal if you only need minimal protection for your car seats or you are covering up old or dirty car seats. These can be universal or more tailored to fit and can transform the look of the inside of your car. They are not really suitable for dogs being in the car a lot and will only provide minimal protection; you may need to use other protection on top of these. Most covers especially made for dogs are designed to be easily removable with simple headrest strips etc or can be kept in the car permanently and can be rolled up or zipped off when the car needs to be used for humans.

Do you need to use the car for passengers too?

Most car owners want to use their car for humans too. There are rear car covers which can be unzipped in half allowing passenger and dog to share the back seat. Most good covers also have access to seatbelts so that even if you don’t remove the cover the seatbelts can still be accessed. For front seats there are covers that can be discreetly rolled up into a cushion.

Is you dog liable to be muddy and/or wet?

If your dog is going for walks or has a tendency to be car sick it would be worth investing in something heavy duty rather than the nylon protective seat covers. The heavy duty covers also protect against dog claws which plain nylon covers may not. If you dog is large or can get very muddy or wet it would be worth getting a hammock rear cover. This is secured on the front headrests and sits hammock like over the back seats. This means that the back of the front seats and the floor are covered too as well as the whole of the rear seat. Most of these covers are waterproof protecting your seats further and help prevent them smelling like damp dog. Not a good smell in your car. Make sure they can be washed too so you can freshen them up in the machine or hand wash them without the outdoor winter car cover falling apart.

Is your dog going on the front or rear seat?

You need to decide where in the car the dog is going to be sitting. Whether he should be in the car or confined to the boot in a cage or similar. If you do have the dog in the car you will need to use suitable car restraints for them. Most of these work with the cars seat belts so access to seat belts is an important consideration. Car seat covers made for dogs should have these but it is worth checking to make sure. If it is a front seat cover that you need then the air bags will need to be accommodated. Not all front seats have integral air bags but in a lot of new cars they are inbuilt within the seat. For them to function correctly the seat cover need to be air bag compatible. When buying rear seat covers you may need to out the seats down when the dog is not in the car for access to the boot. Some rear covers can be zipped apart for this purpose. Rear seats wither fold down 50:50 or 60:40 and if you need this function look for a spilt fold cover. When you need access they can be unzipped and the rear seats can be folded down without having to remove the covers.

Universal Fit and Custom Made Seat Covers

Choosing the right seat covers can be a difficult process. There are many things one has to take into account, specifically the style and functions that you want your covers to have. This article will focus specifically on the style and aesthetic aspect of choosing the right covers for your seats. When style is concerned, the first and most important choice is whether to purchase custom fit or universal covers. Choosing incorrectly can result in poorly fit covers that sag, wrinkle and rip resulting in an interior that looks cheap and feels uncomfortable.

Universal/Generic Seat Covers

There are two main styles of seat covers available on the market today: universal/generic fit and custom fit. Universal seat covers have the advantage of being cheap to purchase, and can be found in a variety of department stores throughout the US. However, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Universal covers are generic and mass produced for quantity rather than quality, meaning that they are constructed with very cheap fabrics, imprecise designs and poor assembly. By definition, universal covers are created to accommodate a large variety of seat sizes which means that more often than not, they are manufactured a few sizes too large or too small to properly fit your seats. This sizing discrepancy causes all sorts of problems for the driver. In cases where the covers are too large, the extra fabric shifts, folds and wrinkles easily, creating a very uncomfortable sitting experience and a very shoddy looking interior. If the covers are too small it will result in very tight fit that tears easily and wears very quickly as well. Your choices in fabrics are also severely limited with universal covers. Most offshore manufacturers use cheap and low grade materials that are unable to withstand everyday wear, not to mention that they are entirely unsuitable for pets or heavy duty applications such as construction or hunting. Lastly and most importantly, universal covers are not designed to accommodate vehicles with side impact airbags. This can result in obstructed airbag deployment that can seriously risk the safety of you and your passengers.

Custom Made Seat Covers

Custom fit seat covers are created specifically for the make, model and year of your vehicle. Making a custom seat cover is a multi-step process that results in an exceptionally well fitting product. First, the seat cover material is machine cut from a precise computer aided pattern that corresponds to the exact dimensions and design of your vehicle’s seating application – this includes taking every detail, from the placement of airbags and control switches to the position of arm rests, into account. The pattern is then hand assembled ensuring clean and consistent stitching. After the custom seat covers are assembled, they are passed through a quality control inspection to guarantee against any defects. Unlike generic covers, custom made seat covers allow you to select the fabric and design that best suits your needs. This allows for a combination of both style and function, so that you can not only choose a cool fabric design, but the fabric that it is printed on as well. There are a wide range of fabrics to choose from ranging from the very durable and water proof (Dura Tough/Corduroy), to the soft and stylish (Velour). Side impact airbags are provided with an easy means of deployment via a hidden Velcro slit or a cut out on the side(s) of each seat so that you and your passengers remain safe. Though the generic or universal style covers will be cheaper, their shortcomings include their fit, quality, craftsmanship, and most importantly, safety. On the other hand, custom made seat covers provide quite a few more options in terms of design and function, with a generally higher quality manufacturing process which takes into account the numerous details of your car seats. Custom covers are also much safer as they are manufactured to allow for the easy deployment of side impact airbags.

Car Seat Covers

Did you ever realize that your seats actually occupy most of the space inside your car? In order to really enjoy your seats they must be well maintained and comfortable. If you are planning to get seat covers for your car, getting custom fit sheepskin seat covers are for you. Of all the different components that make up the interior of your vehicle, your seats are the most expensive! I called the dealer the other day and checked on the price of replacement covers for my 2004 GMC Sierra. I could not believe it when they quoted me a price of almost $3000.00. I almost passed out. Even the guy at the dealership couldn’t believe it. On top of that in order to put these on you have to have many tools designed to remove the old covers. That’s right you have to remove to old ones before installing the new ones from the dealership. I do not like this idea at all. I have tried many many different kinds of covers for my seats over the years. Its my job to do this because I only like to endorse a product that I believe in. If for any reason I find a problem with I product, I would never endorse it. I actually love the seats in my truck. I have two kids so this makes me diligent when trying good protection for my seats. I also like the new neoprene covers. They fit really nicely, but in my opinion they do not have the same comfort as sheepskin does. Sheepskin Seat Covers are one of the most effective auto accessories on the market today. What makes them effective? There are several things that determine the ultimate effectiveness of sheepskin seat covers. There are many hazards and abuses that your car seats have to live with.

Things that destroy your seats include the heat from the sun, moisture, liquids that kids spill, and pets. However, friction is the biggest destroyer of your original upholstery. With frequent abuse, friction and abrasion take a toll on your upholstery that causes ugly damage to your seats. In order to prevent these different hazards, you need to protect your original seats with seat covers that are strong, great fitting, breathable as well as easy to clean. Sheepskin car seat covers come with lots of features that make them effective and long lasting. Since they are custom tailored to fit your seat they help keeping your original seats looking great when you go to sell your vehicle. these fit right over your original seats covering all the contours of your original upholstery and they don’t move around. This keeps all the friction at bay away from your original covers. A good fitting cover that completely covers your original seats is a crucial factors that make sheepskin seat covers such a great choice. When all the contours of your car seats are covered with reliable and strong seat covers, you can expect optimum protection as well as a great look. Sheepskin seat covers are made from 100% Sheepskin that has the leather on the bottom and fleece on top. This strong Sheepskin leather provides you with excellent breath ability, and a soft touch to your seats. Available in many colors and patterns, with the Sheepskin seat covers you can personalize your car interiors so you will stand out from the rest. So, get your custom fit sheepskin car seat covers and keep your seats maintained and great looking all year around.